Welcome to my site!

My name is April and I’m very excited that you’ve decided to stop by.

My mission statement is quite simple: I want to help the general public live happier, healthier lives. 

I hope to achieve this by offering a variety of services designed to help you manage your mental, emotional and physical health. My primary interest is mental health and I take a holistic approach to managing this issue, as I believe recovery is more likely when a person is supported through various lifestyle changes.

During my own personal experiences trying to recover from trauma and illness, I’d found that I have more success when I concentrated on my life as a whole, rather than simply taking medication and hoping for the best. I’d realised that when my diet was poor, my suffering was exacerbated. I’d realised that physical activity and proper self-care genuinely made a difference in my ability to cope with my illnesses and whatever life threw at me.

I have recognised that there is a lot we can do to achieve wellness and manage mental health, and in turn most of these behaviours also protect your physical health! I think psychological therapy and medication (if necessary) are just two key components of the healing process. Research and my own personal experiences show medications aren’t always effective when relied on alone.

A poor diet and lack of exercise has proven links to poor health. Everybody knows it, but sometimes I think we push this to the back of our minds and assume it’s not one of the leading causes of sickness in western society. However, it is a very big deal, with poor diets and inactivity repeatedly being linked to a number of prevalent health problems in western societies.

In addition, regular meditation and mindfulness practice has been shown to reduce stress and improve health.

In most cases, research has shown that even spirituality, religion and the willingness to believe we are not here by accident has had profound positive effects on many a person’s emotional well-being, though spirituality is certainly not for everyone and unfortunately can sometimes have negative effects on a person’s health, dependent on their beliefs.

I certainly am a spiritual woman and I do wish to point out that I personally have success taking care of myself when I view myself as three parts; I am mind, body and spirit, and taking care and consideration of all three components of myself has been beneficial to me.

It is absolutely okay if you don’t believe that you have a spirit, or in a God and if you have no spiritual beliefs yourself. My support is for everyone and I am not here to convince you of anything you do not believe in. Everybody has their own individual health needs and I hope to find what works for you!

The focus of this website is the state of being human and how we enjoy and suffer this experience; it is my own account of living and surviving in this world, while offering support to others. I’ve got my fingers in quite a few pies, so you will notice my blog offers some variety.

In my personal journey managing my own health and spiritual growth, I test and review programs and workshops devised by other coaches, teachers and complementary therapists.

As well as my personal stories and reviews, I try to offer informative blog posts, advice and even healthy recipes to inspire my clients as they embark on their journeys towards healthier lifestyles.

I’m a psychology student and certified Youth Mental Health First Aider with basic counselling training and a CPD certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; a certified Nutritional Therapist; a certified Reiki and Mindfulness practitioner; a published poet; avid writer of both fiction and non-fiction; a mother-of-one; a mental health sufferer, and finally, I’m probably something of a feminist and environmentalist, with an interest in global social issues.

After a few decades of feeling like an alien, never knowing where I fit in among everybody else or in the grand puzzle of life, I think I am finding my place. It is right here, where I have always been.

My services are designed to assist you towards better health and personal growth.

I hope you will find all the answers you need on my site about the services I provide and my credentials. For more information or to book a session or program, please use the contact page provided.

I hope to hear from you soon!